June 30, 2010

i think i'm in love ^_^

u made me think of u every night
since i saw u on tv..u played at the last minutes
while u were replacing sneijder..
since then, i realize that i can't take my eyes off u anymore
looked at your jersey number to recognize
u'r wearing 20..
i like that lucky number..u know
the best thing i know about u is...u'r Muslim...
huhuhu...thats why ur name is Ibrahim.

the first thing that made me wanna know about u is,
it all begins from the first time i saw ur name in the player line up
what a 'strange' name..( for Dutch)
and now i know the thruth about u
the thruth that make me shout YAHOOOOOOOOOOO
i know i just dreaming..see u from here
thats nothing i can do
realize that we will never meet each other the whole life
but somedays who knows???
owh...u,absolutely YOU
ni lah masalah aku..
pantang tgk world cup ka, euro ka, or apa saja lah yg berkaitan ngn bola sepak
masa ni la nk tgk mat macho men bola..

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